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Plans to Build your own Coal Forge

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Coal Forge Plans

Building A Coal Forge

Building a coal forge is very easy. Really a coal forge can be built out of anything as long as air can be forced under or on the side of the fire to elevate the heat. these plans make a real nice permenent table forge, ( the kind found in most old time blacksmith shops)  if you want to make this forge portable make the table a little shorter and out of a lighter material. you can also make a protable forge out of a  charcoal grill as seen below. if you don't have a hand cranked blower a vaccuume cleaner on reverse works fine but very noisy!  if coal is not redialy availible to you don't worry. charcoal can be used instead.



picture of my blower attached by dryer duct



If you have any Questions or want to run an idea for a coal forge by me please email me!